Back to office essentials

Back to office essentials

The past year has been a strange experience for most workers in the UK, but we are slowly returning to normality. For many workers, this means heading back into the office after a long absence. Every office worker knows the importance of having a reliable bag to carry laptops, documents, lunches, and other office essentials. Get ready to return to the office with any of the following essentials available at Fuhrhide.

Fuhrhide Sao Paolo Business Bag

The Sao Paolo is a discrete and elegant business bag and one of the coolest Fuhrhide has to offer. With an outside zipper pocket and another inside designed specifically for RFID devices, such as phones and contactless cards, the Sao Paolo is highly practical. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum comfort. This bag is the perfect size to accompany a laptop bag that doesn't leave room for other essentials or as a standalone for anyone who doesn't have to take a laptop to work.

Fuhrhide San Antonio Business Bag

The San Antonio is available in both light, dark and black and in 13" and 15" configurations. Both offer plenty of room for a laptop and other office essentials. The inclusion of a carrying handle and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap means that you can easily and conveniently configure the bag however you want. This is the ideal bag for workers who have a long commute and need to carry their laptop and other supplies with them for long periods. Even when fully loaded, the Sant Antonio remains a comfortable and dependable business bag.

Fuhrhide Manchester Computer Sleeve

Office workers aren't tied to their computers in the way they used to be. Today, most businesses prefer to keep their workers as agile and mobile as possible, especially now remote working has become the norm for many people. That means ensuring every employee has their own laptop they can easily carry between their home and work. Unfortunately, they rarely provide a sturdy carry case. The Manchester computer sleeve is a premium product made from authentic buffalo leather. The 15" version includes an extra pocket to hold your phone and small cables. There's also plenty of room in the main compartment for your power cable.

Fuhrhide Santa Maria Computer Sleeve

The Manchester's stylish clasp isn't to everyone's taste. If you prefer a zip on your laptop bag, we wholeheartedly recommend the Santa Maria instead. Like the Manchester, it provides all the space you need for your laptop and an extra external pocket for any other essentials you carry.

You can't put a price on high-quality office essentials. All Fuhrhide products offer exceptional quality, comfort, and practicality for the user. Browse our collection today!