Everything you need to know about the Santa Maria laptop sleeve

A good laptop sleeve is something that everyone should invest in, whether you are a busy entrepreneur or an essay-writing student. Laptops are essential to so many of our everyday lives and protecting them, with a great quality laptop sleeve, will reduce the risks of breaking your laptop and losing all your work! The Santa Maria laptop sleeve is a sleek and stylish sleeve that makes the perfect business-casual accessory. If you are looking to invest in a new sleeve for your laptop, the Santa Maria could certainly be the best choice for you! Here, we have gathered everything you need to know about this fantastic sleeve to help you make your decision.


The Santa Maria is a 15-inch sleeve is perfect for larger laptops that need a layer of protection. The sleeve fits comfortably and is tight enough to keep your laptop from slipping around in your bag.


For those of you who are fashion-forward, the Santa Maria comes in four elegant colours to match your style, so there is a colour for everyone! The four colours to choose from are:


Gloss black


Dark brown

Light brown

All colour options offer a smart-casual look that works great for professional business meetings or a trip to your local coffee shop.


The Santa Maria sleeve is made from high-quality, sustainable leather that is guaranteed to last you for years. The leather will provide natural protection for your laptop and is also weather resistant.


Santa Maria laptop sleeves have an elegant, simple design that is timeless and perfect for everyday use. The sleeves have one large inside compartment, for your laptop, and another pocket for any laptop accessories or anything that you may need to grab in a hurry. The design of this sleeve makes it easy to find whatever you need whilst working on the go.

All Santa Maria laptop sleeves come with a lifetime guarantee as well as free delivery. Buy your very own Santa Maria sleeve from our website today.