FuhrHide UK and Mark Canning – how did this happen?

Ever wondered how the belove Danish brand Fuhrhide started by Anders Fuhr made its way to the UK? Here’s a little about our UK team, and how Fuhrhide UK came to be.

Meet Mark Canning – Fuhrhide UK CEO

Mark’s been in the flooring world since 1987 - no connection whatsoever with Danish designed and built luxury leather goods! He always worked for a national flooring distributor in a Kent depot but was very fortunate to have inadvertently found a mentor who shaped his business acumen way beyond his natural capabilities. 

Mark harmoniously parted company with his mentor for a few years when head-hunted to work for a Belgium carpet manufacturer. A few years later, they re-joined forces to start up a flooring wholesale business in west London, in 1996 - The Essential Flooring Company.

In September 2006, after many years of industry experience, and a warehouse of stock to move, Mark and his wife Patricia took the plunge and started up a flooring wholesale business in Maidstone - Contemporary Trade Flooring.

Contemporary Trade Flooring quickly grew. In 2013, Mark and his team developed and pushed live their second business, an online flooring retail business - Flooring Megastore. This quickly became airborne, soon becoming the major revenue generator of their two businesses.

How did Anders and Mark meet?

Mark and Anders Fuhr’s paths first crossed in 2015. Mark had an idea for a new style of flooring showroom and Anders, operating from Copenhagen, was recommended to Mark.

In the late part of 2018, Mark decided to give Instagram a go. On creating an account, his phone worked its way through his contact list and Ander’s new venture FuhrHide became a suggested account to follow. Mark was blown away by the look and quality of the leather bags and sent his admiration and congratulations to Anders immediately. 

It was then that Anders explained that he’d be exhibiting Fuhrhide at London Olympia the following month; an opportunity for Mark to see the products first hand. Mark did, and he was hooked. He loved the business, the products, the quality, and of course he got on well with their creator!

Mark was staggered at how beautiful, trendy, well-constructed and thoughtfully designed Ander’s Fuhrhide goods were. He could see the huge potential for these goods in the UK.  Anders had no representatives in the UK and offered Mark the opportunity. At the time, Mark’s other business ventures were taking up too much of his time, but his admiration for Anders’ sustainable leather bags, and the Fuhrhide brand he’d created always stuck with Mark.

The COVID years

In May 2020 and under the first ever National lockdown, Mark was approached by two interested parties in his Flooring Megastore business. Mark and Patricia agreed on the terms of the sale and on 1st February 2021 the business was sold to Carpetright’s parent Company, Nestware Holdings.

With some new-found business freedom, Mark and his son Lawrence (a digital marketing wizard and instrumental in building Flooring Megastore and the subsequent successful sale) finally created and launched Fuhrhide UK. Anders showed enormous patience and trust in giving Mark and Lawrence the time to achieve this, a testament to their strong international working relationship.

Where is FuhrHide UK right now?

FuhrHide UK is the carbon copy of FuhrHide. Taking all FuhrHide’s luxury leather goods to the UK market. With Lawrence and Mark’s successful e-commerce track record and Anders’ obvious and admirable eye for detail and design, the Anglo-Viking friendship, now an even closer knitted business partnership, gets underway as the lads work together on building FuhrHide UK into a loved, respected and ethical business.

Both teams, individually, have done this before and it would be a courageous person to bet against the three gents not developing Fuhrhide into a widely recognised business.

See what Fuhrhide UK has to offer by clicking here.