The language of leather

The language of leather

Nature produces beautiful and durable materials that we can repurpose in a multitude of ways. The perfect example of this is the hides that go on to become high-quality leather.

For all our chemical wizardry and scientific know-how, humankind has yet to produce anything as pliable, versatile, and tactile as premium leather. When used to craft luggage and bags, it 'says a lot about the customer's appreciation of sustainably sourced and aesthetically pleasing materials. However, where nature really tops artificial alternatives is when it comes to materials made to last.

For all its glorious sensory appeal, high-quality leather has a natural structure ideally suited to life as everyday or travel bags. That's because it holds its tensile strength over time and constant use. In fact, the best leather looks better with age!

Especially when leather is tanned and handled with time-honoured skills and genuine passion for this superlative natural material.

How Fuhrhide UK gets leather to 'talk'

Even to an untrained eye, it's possible to see and feel when an item is made from the best grades of leather. Fuhrhide has that off to a fine art.

So, how does Fuhrhide ensure that all the materials used to craft our range of high calibre leather bags are 'fit for purpose’?

We only use leading tanneries when commissioning our materials, so we know they're of superior quality and use a verified supply chain. Also, the only part of the hide we use in our lovingly crafted bags is the full-grain section.

What's full-grain leather?

It's the most unblemished, unchanged and genuine section of a hide. It's just as nature intended, with a level of elasticity and strength that occurs spontaneously.

This is genuine leather. It requires little processing, as it already has everything needed to produce a flawless tensile result. It holds its good looks long after lesser leathers start to show signs of wear and even softens and matures beautifully!

However, there are times when top grain leather creates better synergy with the ideal finish on a bag. Top grain is full-grain leather that has been buffed to remove some natural characteristics and to create a particularly lightweight (but equally durable) natural material.

Best leather, in the best hands

Of course, even using high-quality leather still requires the right skills to transform it into stylish bags!

The innovative design team at Fuhrhide uses full and top grain leather, and sometimes both at once, to carefully compile our superlative bag range. Plus, we never compromise by using a lesser leather, of course!

The right leather tells a story and has nature's fingerprints all over its structure and appearance. Then, we craft it into bag styles that speak volumes about how discerning you are!